• Farewell Maggie

    Farewell to you Maggie Oh Maggie farewell
    Some eulogise you, some give you hell
    Repeating the phrases that caused notoriety
    Stating there is no such thing as society

    Friend to the bank, brutally frank
    Reagan’s big pal, rode in a tank
    You mobilized classes with social volte-faces
    You mangled the unions, kicked euro arses

    Maggie, Maggie, Maggie!

    You parleyed with Pinochet, gifted the satirist.
    Nelson Mandela, you branded a terrorist
    Flogged council houses, sold the utilities
    Founded new Labour in all probability

    One usually lost if one stood up and fought yer
    You hammered your colleagues like lambs to the slaughter

    Stated the falklands were ‘ours’ in totality
    Turned the big bang to a fiscal reality
    Littered the city with monstrous earning
    The lady you stated was never for turning

    Your standing its seems in the final prognosis
    Reviled and admired in similar doses
    Some will remember the chill in your air 
    Some will remember your teeth and your hair 

    But most that you gave and you asked for no quarter

    Maggie, Maggie, Maggie 

    Over and out

    But not bad for a greengrocers daughter