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    Murray Lachlan Young 2017 tour Murray Lachlan Young Modern Cautionary Tales For Children 2017 tour

    The Brexit Beast - After the Jabberwocky: Lewis Carroll.

    Murray Lachlan Young 30/06/016


    'Twas Britain, and the slithy Gove
    Did gyre and gimble with the May:
    All mimsy was the Bozzagrove,
    And Corbyn raithes laid graves.

    'Beware the Brexit-beast, my son!
    The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
    Beware the Farrage bird, and shun
    The frumious Junkersnatch!'

    He took his Merkel sword in hand:
    Long time the manxome foe he sought
    And found the referendum tree,
    And stood a while in thought.

    And, as in uffish mood he stood,
    The Brexit beast, with eyes of flame,
    Came whiffling through the UKIP woods
    And burbled as it came!

    Forty eight! Fifty two! And through and through
    His Merkel blade went Snicker-snack!
    And in his head he thought it dead
    Thus went galumphing back.

    'And hast thou slain the Brexit beast?
    Look to the polls, my sqeamish son!
    Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'
    He chortled in his joy.

    'Twas Britain and the slithy Gove
    Did gyre and gimble with the May:
    All mimsy was the Bozzagrove,
    And the Corbyn raithes laid graves.

    Back down along the purple mile.

    BBC6music tribute poem to Prince by Murray Lachlan Young.  21/04/016.

    Tiny towering purple star
    Leader legend, poet lover 
    Left us wondering us what you are
    Symbol sequence seer other

    Rock, funk, psych, jazz blues and soul,
    Cold seducer Cuban heel
    Staring down the prince sized hole
    Twinkle toed and hyper real

    Motorcycle black narcissus
    Funny fast and ready rude
    Lipstick winking blowing kisses
    Hot thing sexed up horny crude

    Mad fret-magician troubadour
    Multi instrumentalist
    Talent stacked from skin to core
    Falsetto existentialist

    Whimsical and technical
    In mastery of do and dare
    Lyrical theatrical
    Axe-man par extraordinaire

    Slave and frenzied feedback wizard
    Energetic furnace feeder
    Boudoir stalker lounging lizard
    Badass balladeer Bandleader

    Bullet gone in trauma taken
    Pulled back to the hallowed soil
    Icon, prophet now we waken
    Snatched up off the earthly coil

    Your path across the mortal plain
    As Lightening rod and bolt as one
    Your top-line and your groove remains
    Your voice a princely smoking gun

    It’s just too soon to say goodbye
    Forgive us if we wait a while
    To hear your six string growl and cry
    Back down along that purple mile

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    Do it, do it now! - How Freakin' Zeitgeist Are You?

    2016 Tour 

    To coincide with the New Year publication of the forthcoming Anthology,Murray Lachlan Young will be undertaking a very special up-close and personal UK Tour in  September / October / November / December 2016.

    Widely regarded as one of the best-known poetry voices in Britain, Murray Lachlan Young presents his new live show . Acclaimed playwright, actor and writer,  Murray is celebrated for his hybrid mix of stand-up comedy and poetry with delightful commentaries on the bizarreness of contemporary life. Live and onstage expect flamboyant punchy wit and brooding subtext with empathetic humour and occasional attacks of original erotic folk song .

    A man whose performance clips have notched up over 250,000 hits on YouTube. 

    Known for his numerous appearances and residencies on BBC Radio 2 Arts Show and Radio4'sSaturday Live. Murray is current resident poet of BBC 6 Music and BBC Test Match Special and recently chalked up a huge BBC Radio4 hit with his poetic responses to The Shipping Forecast. Most recent work includes a co-adapted the new film version of the Dylan Thomas classic: Under Milkwood. No stranger to the big screen himself Murray has also appeared in About A Boy, Vatel and as a haunting gallows poet in Plunkett & Macleane.Murray’s first stage play, The Incomers, toured nationally as well as residencies at The Union Club, Soho and The Arts Club in Dover St. There was also a famed tongue in cheek Poet Loreate ‘bid’ appearance alongside Andrew Motion on BBC Newsnight with Jermy Paxman, commissioned works for Vauxhall Motors and Magners Cider, and recent appearances at countless festivals including headline slots at: Glastonbury, Latitude and Edinburgh Festival . Unmissable!

    PLUS..where  performances permit alongside the above tour:    MURRAY LACHLAN YOUNG’s Modern Cautionary Tales for Children

    An innovative poetry show written and performed by Murray Lachlan Young.  A mixture of: poetry, stand-up comedy, storytelling and a touch of panto make for a hilarious and positive route to showing children that poetry can be fun, thought-provoking and occasionally quite cool! This show gets children dancing on-stage, completing simple fun poems, being Ponies and getting seriously involved in live interactive poetry - this is a raucous, silly, scary, funny poignant and enlightening hour of merriment and mayhem.

    "Who'd have thought it .The big bad boy of performance poetry. turns out to be one of the greatest children's entertainers I have ever seen. There is not a patronising nanosecond in this show - children and 'ex-children' are treated exactly alike"  THE SCOTSMAN, FIVE STARS

    "Young is clearly one of the most likeable performers . His poetry is funny, observational and entirely silly. His audience banter is even funnier."  THE LIST, FIVE STARS

    For all show bookings contact

    Crispin Thomas / CTM. .Culture Tradition Music. Stroud Glos

    01453 757376 / 07837 798463  ctm@crispinthomas.orangehome.co.uk

    The Voice of a Discarded Christmas Tree 

    As I furnish the street 
    Greet the pavement alone 
    Brushed by nonchalant feet 
    Once the heart of the home

    From the chainsaw’s refrain 
    Did my journey begin?
    As the sap fled my vein
    Advent ushered me in

    As a symbol of peace
    Festive hearts I inspired
    In a twelve day long lease
    With bright lights I was fired 

    With a star on my brow
    Dressed in silver and gold
    Oh but look on me now
    Cast adrift in the cold

    See the beer cans adorn
    Where presents once lay
    Newly slain but un-mourned
    For the foxes to spray 

    Lying down by the wheelie bin 
    Dressing the curb
    Winter coat wearing thin
    As you pass unperturbed 

    But a moment my friend 
    Let me whisper one thing
    As you witness my end
    Know I once was a king


    Man time

    Fifteen blokes on trip to the Costa

    Three days struck from the mid life roster

    Fifteen men from the skinny to the burly
    Lager in the airport little bit early
    Jolly with the trolley on a cheap flight over
    Ten shaved heads and cool comb-over

    Banter at a canter from the jowl and the belly
    The foreign soft porn on the hotel telly.
    Tickling the tapas with cash wad hand off
    Mini bar death match iPod stand off

    Lemon and salt do the bird flap whinny
    The age inappropriate jeans too skinny
    Minibus taxi late night hot spot
    Very loud music T-shirt not hot

    Hands in the air with the dance floor banging
    Eyes on the prize with the man boobs hanging
    Space probes land on distant comets
    Grown men twerk and inevitably vomit

    Back to the airport wishing they were fitter
    Evidence proliferates on Instagram and twitter.
    After waking in the morning with a very thick head
    To a twelve man spoon in a beer soaked bed

    Three days struck from the mid life roster
    Looking like death from a trip to the Costa
    Never touching alcohol not another cig
    Home again home again jiggedy jig.


    Hotter than Barbados

    Murray Lachlan Young 19/07/014

    A sniff, just a sniff of the sun in the sky.
    And ours is not to reason why.

    Yes it’s ten mile tailback, caravan carve up
    Beer bellied lobster, white leg and sandal
    Fish and chip sunburn, vampire seagull
    Prison camp rock pool, winkle internment

    Pensioners crinkle and babies explode
    As buses make sticky black grooves in the road
    As media banners do testament pay
    That it’s 'Hotter by far than Barbados today'

    'Hotter than Tunis' 'Hotter than Rome'
    Windbreak partition and cool box and dome
    Tent to annex a square foot of sand
    As we strip to our ‘cozzis’ and seek to be branded

    And burnt like a beast on the spit
    Before struggling off with our mountains of kit
    To the car, where we sit and we move and we sit
    And then move and then sit and then sit for a bit

    Crawling home after dark much more dead than alive
    With a look of surprise that we really survived
    Then we gingerly say in the cruel after glow
    ‘I think I’ve definitely caught the sun, you know?’


    The Incomers

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