• The Voice of a Discarded Christmas Tree 

    As I furnish the street 
    Greet the pavement alone 
    Brushed by nonchalant feet 
    Once the heart of the home

    From the chainsaw’s refrain 
    Did my journey begin?
    As the sap fled my vein
    Advent ushered me in

    As a symbol of peace
    Festive hearts I inspired
    In a twelve day long lease
    With bright lights I was fired 

    With a star on my brow
    Dressed in silver and gold
    Oh but look on me now
    Cast adrift in the cold

    See the beer cans adorn
    Where presents once lay
    Newly slain but un-mourned
    For the foxes to spray 

    Lying down by the wheelie bin 
    Dressing the curb
    Winter coat wearing thin
    As you pass unperturbed 

    But a moment my friend 
    Let me whisper one thing
    As you witness my end
    Know I once was a king