• A moment for the Mo?

    Murray Lachlan Young 26/11/2013

    A tribute to all those that have grown the mo for Movember. Gentlemen, I congratulate you.

    A personal statement to prune and to clip
    A curious growth on a chap’s upper lip
    A thistly bristle to pucker the mistle
    Or flyaway thing of the fluffiest fluff

    Taken with snuff, worn in the buff
    Mate to the beard, friend to the muff
    Infusing the face with a masculine air
    In filling a gap when a chaps lost his hair

    Historically grown by the gayest Hussar
    Mexican bandit and Swedish porn star
    Subversively worn by the mauve intellectual
    A badge of the biker and butch homosexual

    Imperial, lampshade, toothbrush Sanchez
    ‘Neath bowler or beret or turban or a fez
    The Christian the Muslim the Hindu the Jew
    Yes a mans got to do what a mans got to do

    Even agnostics and Gnostics agree
    That it’s healthy to cultivate topiary

    To be proving that most men are all really the same.
    And the bro with the mo isn’t really to blame
    So lets cast of the past of mustachio shame

    And jump on the train and unskew the frame
    And re light the flame to proclaim our aim
    To reclaim the humble moustache from the:

    Serial killers, bent coppers,
    Rogue hairdressers,
    Pimps and second hand car salesmen,
    Malevolent public servants,
    Despots and dictators and
    Suspect window cleaners,
    And shady science teachers
    That have given the tashe such a terrible name.

    So let’s sprout em with vigour oer grimace and pout
    Add weight to the boat race and take up the shout:
    'Moustaches, tush-tashes, his-‘tashes, your-‘tashes,
    Our-‘tashes, their-‘tashes, please-‘tashes, more-‘tashes
    More mo, more mo.
    Up, up and away we go
    On with the show for the bro with the mo.
    Let us grow, let us grow, grow the mo!