• A Gentleman always prefers Brown

    In a ribbed chocolate Y front with a deep purple piping
    He splashed on his Hi Karate after-shave
    He slipped on, his deep collared Van Heuson shirt
    Cast his eye over the February center fold in Nave

    Then a high wasted flair with thick Cummerbund
    In a deep umber check, with a chestnut ‘over square’
    Then a two-tone buff brogue with a high platform heel
    Topped with a blow driedly pompadoured hair

    With a car coat in fudge, double yellow side stripe
    Ox-blood driving gloves and a Hamlet cigar
    That he puffed as he drove in the hot vinyl seat
    Of his Austin princess ‘champagne beige’ motor car

    To plastic oak panel of his local restaurant
    For: Brown Windsor soup and a Beuf bourguignon
    A Matteus red, and Black forest Gateaux
    Then a Remy Martin before Nescafe strong

    Then back on the road to his bachelor pad
    For Dubonney red in (shorty) his kimono gown
    On the russet bronze rug with the deepest of shag
    Where he listened Boney M in stereo sound

    And admired
    The synthetic wood finish
    Of his stereo music center

    Then bounced
    On his circular water bed
    Practicing martial arts moves

    And groomed
    His almost werewolf like
    Facial and body hair

    Before sauntering
    To his mocha bathroom suit with
    His copy of the joy of sex

    In the full
    And unequivocal knowledge
    That be it:

    Camel, Taupe, Ox blood, umber, caramel, tobacco, chocolate, buff, brindle, beige or mahogany.

    A Gentleman always prefers brown.