Sitting With It

Today is a down day

Today is a down day

Today is a day that

That’s been coming my way

I could blot it all out

I could wish it away

And say “Not today”

I could shimmy and sway

I could try and avoid

What the day has to say

And do anything

Just to keep it at bay

I could blame something else

Dive into my screen

I could make up a story

Be grumpy and mean

To the ones that I love

I could spread it around

I could pass the day on

Or just stop and sit down

And I could feel it

I could sit with it

Just get to know it

Watch it 

and witness it

Then I could show it

That I’m not afraid

Of the things that it brings

Even if sometimes

The things it brings sting

To begin with

But soon I can see

That each day is a message

That’s written for me

And as long as I listen

Then I can let go

Which I know will help get me

Back into the flow

And allow me to grow

And to help me to see

The more that I listen

The more I can be