Murray Lachlan

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THE MYSTERY OF The Raddlesham Mumps 

Murray Lachlan Young’s brand new epic dark and twisted Gothic verse available in many formats: 

Grab the book via Amazon -

NEW - Now available as a digital download or CD - visit: 

Visit the - Raddlesham Mumps Website and Read a Review

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From The Cornish Pasty Poem to If your going to go Keith don't do it like that!

Go read some now! 

Quick listen?

Listen to Murray Riffing with Jo Wood on her Alien Nation podcast - Is there Curry on Mars?...

Live Shows

Find dates and links here for Murray’s hilarious stand-up live shows: In Search of the Unknown Celebrity and How Freakin’ Zeitgeist Are You? Along with his acclaimed hit family show Modern Cautionary Tales for Children.

More shows and festivals to be confirmed, find them here first.

To book Murray Lachlan Young to appear at your event, theatre or festival please contact;

Crispin Thomas
01453 757376 / 07837 798463


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