Back down along the purple mile

Tiny towering purple star
Leader legend, poet lover 
Left us wondering us what you are
Symbol sequence seer other

Rock, funk, psych, jazz blues and soul,
Cold seducer Cuban heel
Staring down the prince sized hole
Twinkle toed and hyper real

Motorcycle black narcissus
Funny fast and ready rude
Lipstick winking blowing kisses
Hot thing sexed up horny crude

Mad fret-magician troubadour
Multi instrumentalist
Talent stacked from skin to core
Falsetto existentialist

Whimsical and technical
In mastery of do and dare
Lyrical theatrical
Axe-man par extraordinaire

Slave and frenzied feedback wizard
Energetic furnace feeder
Boudoir stalker lounging lizard
Badass balladeer Bandleader

Bullet gone in trauma taken
Pulled back to the hallowed soil
Icon, prophet now we waken
Snatched up off the earthly coil

Your path across the mortal plain
As Lightening rod and bolt as one
Your top-line and your groove remains
Your voice a princely smoking gun

It’s just too soon to say goodbye
Forgive us if we wait a while
To hear your six string growl and cry
Back down along that purple mile