Mundane Poem #1

This poem is not very interesting

It has, pauses

Where there, should be none

It is not deep and meaningful in any, respect

It is not very, clever and not that much, fun

This poem is purposefully, dreary,

Its desire is to be everyday, commonplace and dull.

And just incase it isn’t, monotonous, enough

This poem will now, wander into a lull

Of: boring, and unexciting ordinariness

And it will stay there for a while

While we all sit with the humdrum reality

Of its unexcitingness

Realising that it has lost focus

Its rhyme scheme it no longer functioning

This is not an attempt to be clever

It’s not even an attempt to prove that

Life can’t be interesting all the time

It is not attempting to say anything about anything


Why would it want to do that?

For this poem is completely mundane

And that’s it.

Its finished, now.