Man Time

Fifteen blokes on trip to the Costa

Three days struck from the mid life roster

Fifteen men from the skinny to the burly
Lager in the airport little bit early
Jolly with the trolley on a cheap flight over
Ten shaved heads and cool comb-over

Banter at a canter from the jowl and the belly
The foreign soft porn on the hotel telly.
Tickling the tapas with cash wad hand off
Mini bar death match iPod stand off

Lemon and salt do the bird flap whinny
The age inappropriate jeans too skinny
Minibus taxi late night hot spot
Very loud music T-shirt not hot

Hands in the air with the dance floor banging
Eyes on the prize with the man boobs hanging
Space probes land on distant comets
Grown men twerk and inevitably vomit

Back to the airport wishing they were fitter
Evidence proliferates on Instagram and twitter.
After waking in the morning with a very thick head
To a twelve man spoon in a beer soaked bed

Three days struck from the mid life roster
Looking like death from a trip to the Costa
Never touching alcohol not another cig
Home again home again jiggedy jig.