If you met a famous person (What would you say?)

What would you say if you met a famous person?
A really famous person
I mean a card carrying
Really, really, properly famous person

Just you and them

and their vast and gleaming timepiece
In solid white gold with a platinum twist
Encrusted in diamonds and chronographic complications
As big a as a haddock adorning their wrist

And their tattooed eyelids and their Liposuction
And their cunningly holistic moisturizer
Reaped from the beard of a rare mountain goat
By their, disturbingly knowing looking, astrological advisor

What would you say, what would you do?
As you looked at them and they-
Lowered those shades (you could never afford)
And through lightly tinted contact lenses looked back at you

And spoke of conscious clarity, humility and charity
And they (broke down in tears and) told you that fame was (the dominion of madness cruelly reserved) for the unlucky few

And then took you into their confidence, regarding their audience with the Dali Lama
How he helped them see that they were no different than me or you.

What would you say?
What would you say?
Would you stand would you sit?
Would you kneel would you pray?

In that moment, that window, that second they had free...

'....Did you know the clocks are going forward? Or is it back? Its always so difficult to remember! I always get it wrong! I'm such an idiot! I'm so stupid! honestly!
Can I have your autograph please?’
Just here, on my arm, though of course, you understand..

...it’s actually not for me,
Its for someone else’