How freakin Zeitgeist are you?

Are you local, organic, animal friendly?
Fairly traded, into bondage and Pilates, are you bendy?

Near the juice bar, with your iPad?
In your high tops, are you cool Dad?

Aiawaskaor Iboga?
Shivananda for your Yoga?

Are you Linked in, are you Beebo?
On your blog spot, drinking Miso?

Are you fluid, are you flexi?
Is your lifestyle well connected?

Are you posting, multi platform?
Is it Beijing that you’re back from?

Are you aware of cultural demographic shifts?
And interconnected network trends?

Yet aware of the difference in the new catagorisations?
In the world of us and those whom we call followers and friends?

Are you aware of mass customization and the 121 future?
And how black cabbage and Spanish cider fit with these developmental rules?

And that: 360 record deals
iPods as DJ decks

And rappers rapping about premium alcohol brands
Is now considered passé and deeply uncool?

Do you have an allotment?
And a bell tent, have you got one?

At a festi, set in parkland?
With a recycled wristband?

Are you surfing the eclectic?
Are you solar and electric?

Funky lifestyle, do you live one?
Or a monky's, could you give one?

So I guess what I’m kinda asking
While I’m kinda multi tasking

Is how feakin Zeitgeist are you?