• I remember Brit Pop

    Murray Lachlan Young 11/04/014

    Yes I remember Britpop. At least I think I do

    The mega pop world took a brief second fiddle
    To Gallagher’s eyebrows that met in the middle
    When tabloids found indie kids strangely exciting
    Turned on by the boozing and using and fighting

    Kids and guitars, kids and guitars 
    Girls drinking pints spilling out of the bars
    And Cuban-heeled men freaking out in their glad-rags
    And beerisom glad-lads all reading in lads-mags

    Of singers, comedians and artists with attitude 
    Models and pluggers with rock n roll platitudes
    Toasting the union jack and its health
    Whilst popular music was eating its self

    And Napster not even a ping on the screen
    Of the rampant PR that was driving the scene
    From the huge record labels consuming the world. 
    Oasis v blur like a panto unfurled

    Kids and guitars, kids and guitars
    So long ago could it really be true?
    Pumas, pints glasses and fracas and farces
    And always a cue for the loo

    I remember a pub in Camden town 
    I remember the carpet in Tufnell Park 
    I remember a party in Chorlton Cum-Hardy 
    A Glastonbury gig in the midsummer dark

    It’s all coming back 
    It’s all coming back

    It was so long ago could it really be true?
    Yes I remember Britpop so well

    At least I think I do